Angostura Makes It Better

I mean bitters is bitters…right? There are so many bitters to add to cocktails and Angostura is the best! It’s a bold statement but we add Angostura to any and everything to balance and complete cocktails. Orange twist and angostura in Port? The Old Fashioned and the Manhattan. Wait a minute lets even go to Harvard? They didn’t’ use Angostura for nothing in the early 1800s. They used it because Angostura makes everything better.

Really its nothing new. A German surgeon general in Simon Bolivar’s army in Venezuela used it for its restorative properties and began to sell it in 1824. Since Angostura won a medal at the Weltausstellung 1873 Wien (The medal is still depicted on the oversized label, along with reverse which shows Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria in profile) the closely guarded secret has become a staple of cocktail culture…because everything is better with Angostura Bitters.

If you want to change your life and make a better gin and tonic…add 3 dashes bitters.

Outside of the staples that we all know and love try adding bitters to your Mojito, Pisco or Whiskey Sour, or favorite Champagne cocktail!

Tell us your favorite bitters secret! We would love to hear from you!

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